Chunky 1.1.8 2013-03-27

I just released Chunky version 1.1.8. It fixes a texture loading problem caused by animated Minecraft 1.5 textures that some people were experiencing. I had planned to implement more things for version 1.1.8 but I want to get this bugfix out sooner rather than later. Since I will be away over Easter it would have taken at least a week until I could do the release if I didn’t do it now.

In 1.1.8 I’ve added a way of manually doing distributed rendering. It is now possible to merge render dumps into the current render, which means you can render simultaneously on a different machine, grab the dump and merge it into the current render. This does not work fully as it should right now, and it’s a bit tedious if you want to merge many dumps but at least it’s one first step towards distributed rendering. I used it while rendering the two Broville wallpapers from the previous post.

Here is the reddit release thread.

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  • Connor says:

    Awesome :) It’d honestly be really, really awesome if you endeavor to port this to GPU processing. It would be a ton faster and more efficient. I know you said that it isn’t as fun as adding new features, but the “feature” of GPU rendering would far outshine any other feature of Chunky. Currently, I am forced 3DS Max for large renderings (i.e. desktop wallpapers and the like) simply because their GPU-based Quicksilver makes up for the longer setup time. Please consider this, it would make Chunky many times more amazing!

  • Kuba says:

    Hi! I am impressed with your work! I just want to ask, will it be available in future versions to highlight also Emerald?

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