Gravazoid 2013-04-02


Lft and I created a game we call Gravazoid that entered into the Game competition at the demo party Revision 2013. It placed 2nd! Yay! You can see some gameplay of Gravazoid on YouTube.

Lft composed the music and I designed the typeface in Gravazoid but we can both be blamed for the code.

You can get the source code for Gravazoid on GitHub!

Download Gravazoid for Windows here.

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  • Duuzi says:

    Yep, I’ll be downloading and playing this tomorrow!
    Well done!

  • Kobus Beets says:

    That is excellent!

    I would love to design games like that. It’s quite inspiring.

  • AEnterprise says:

    i’d like to play that but the download link is broken

  • Oops! I moved part of my blog’s web hosting recently and forgot to move the downloads. Should be working soon (as soon as DNS changes propagate).

  • Noth says:

    Hi! Interesting game, though a little on the hard side. But what’s more interesting for me is music. I know, there is source, but for the life of me I can’t compile it on Windows. Is it not too hard for you to render it to WAV, as Mr. Akesson doesn’t seem to notice my request? I would be eternally grateful. Sorry to bother and thanks!

  • It was a long time since Linus and I tinkered with this project and I think neither of us really wants to spend time recording the music from it, sorry. You can find other music from Linus’ webpage

  • Noth says:

    Thanks for your response! I could record it myself while playing, but I can’t hold on long enough to record the whole piece, and other game sounds would interfere anyway. And yes, I know of Linus’ website, some interesting music and videos too.

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