Chunky Goals 2013-05-05

Sometimes people ask me what I’m planning to work on in Chunky. I have a set of goals that I want to achieve, and a rough idea of what order I want to work on these goals.

My current goals are (ordered after approximate priority):

  • More Sky Options – control over sky light multiplier, custom sky color gradients, improved clouds, night mode, etc.
  • Material Editor – allow changing block textures, reflectance, emittance
  • Improved Scene Manager
  • Distributed Rendering
  • New CPU Renderer – add a renderer with better convergence rate for indoor scenes
  • OpenCL GPU Renderer
  • Entity Rendering – render paintings, mobs, boats etc.

That’s a big list. Many of those goals require a lot of work. The first item, More Sky Options, is what I’m planning for version 1.2, but when and in what order the others are implemented is undecided. Usually I am distracted by my job, bugfixes and minor features.

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  • Brandon says:

    Will there be a way for mod developers to add their own blocks to Chunky in the near future? I would like to be able to render our blocks in all their glory. :)

  • ryo0ka says:

    How about animations? There were some ppl working on it but all of them seem to have gone away, so if only you could make it…

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