Chunky 1.2.1 Released! 2014-01-03

The 1.2 release was big and unwieldy. I knew there were bound to be a bunch of bugs because I had changed so very much in the code since the previous release, however the launcher was the worst in terms of bugs and usability problems. The launcher looked like it was in a pretty decent state when I released 1.2, but immediately after the release I had to hotfix a problem that could cause it to ignore new releases in favor of snapshots. Then I started seeing comments from users that were unable to launch Chunky and the launcher would just close without an error. Further bugs became apparent when I was testing the launcher and fixing the previously mentioned problems.

The past couple days have been pretty intense in terms of bug fixing activity as I’ve tried to fix all the major problems with the launcher. Now again I think that the launcher is in a decent working state, but I am sure that there will appear new bugs to fix when people start using it and uncover new problems.

Version 1.2.1 should be a lot more stable than 1.2.0. I fixed a lot of things besides the launcher bugs. For example I fixed an issue that caused the scene selector to load the skymap for each and every available scene. I also fixed a rendering problem when using the parallel/isometric projector, and a problem that made it impossible to enable snapshot saving properly.

Click here to view the 1.2.1 release thread.

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