Chunky Documentation to Replace the Wiki 2014-01-26

The Chunky Wiki was intended to provide documentation for the users. Unfortunately I had to disable regular users from editing the Wiki because it was being swamped by bots. Even with Captchas in place the Wiki received regular spam edits, and we did not have enough volunteers to patrol the Wiki and keep the spam away.

Right now you can’t edit the Wiki unless you get permission from me, and that really defeats the purpose of the Wiki. I am grateful for the contributions from the few people who did help to fight the spam and update the Wiki, but the Wiki is not meeting its original goals right now so I have decided to replace it.

The Wiki will be replaced by regular static HTML pages. However, the HTML pages will be generated from a Git repository which will be managed on GitHub and I will try to encourage people to contribute to the project! The documentation is not ready to replace the Wiki yet, and even lacks any style whatsoever, but you can have a sneak peek at it right here (note: the URL will change to the current Wiki URL).

If you want to help out with the documentation please feel free to submit pull requests for the GitHub repository. It’s easy – you can even edit the pages right there on GitHub!

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