Rendering Course 2014-04-06

I am taking a course right now in photo realistic rendering. I am working in Java, and started with the applet pathtracer I wrote a while back as a simple starting point. I had to rewrite a lot of the architecture. The path tracing applet was really a very tiny system, with lots of hacks to keep the code minimal. I rewrote the rendering architecture to be a bit more generalized so that I can implement all the course assignments in it.

Path Tracing

Path Tracing

I was thinking about documenting my progress here on the blog. I’ve wanted to write some introductory articles about path tracing or rendering in general and this would be a good time to do that. Unfortunately I have very little free time to spend on writing about rendering. We’ll see what happens.

This week I implemented a simple bounding volume hierarchy and Wavefront .obj file loading. You can see an elephant object I loaded in the second image above. I also implemented Whitted raytracing, but it is disappointingly slow.

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