Chunky 2015 Spring Update 2015-03-20

Chunky development has slowed down significantly during the spring, as usual, because I have been swamped in work. There are some important things to discuss however:

Google Internship

I will be doing an internship at Google (at the Mountain View office) during the summer. I will avoid working on Chunky during this time in order to not cause a conflict of interest with my internship work. This is unfortunate because otherwise I would have as usual spent some time working on Chunky during my summer vacation.

Paintings and Entities


A few new versions of Chunky were released during Christmas/New Years, with a big improvement to water rendering. While working on water rendering I rewrote some important parts of the render pipeline to better handle entities and since then I have released a few snapshot releases that can render painting entitites! This is not a huge step yet, but it enables me to add rendering of other types of entities such as mob heads, floating books, and even players and monsters. In my private development branch I already have a semi-working player entity rendering system, which I have posted about previously on this blog.

Camera View Indicator

Camera Indicator

I added a simple camera view indicator, and posted about it on the Chunky subreddit. The post got a surprisingly positive reception so I decided to include it in a snapshot release. The feature is currently a bit buggy, and not super useful.

I would like to make it possible to automatically select all visible chunks within some radius, but didn’t get around to implementing that yet. The camera view indicator can also be quite misleading since it is only an approximation based on the estimation that the ground-height is fixed. So it would work correctly with a completely flat world, but for hilly worlds it is often quite incorrect.

Bug Fixes

During the periods when I don’t have much time to work on Chunky I still fix bugs occasionally, and the list of fixes tends to become large enough to merit its own release, however I do not want to release the currently half-working camera view indicator yet. I’ll try to improve the camera view indicator feature before the next release. Bug fixes you can look forward to in the next version include:

  • Fixed stairs with fog render issue
  • Added a notification after changing the Y cutoff setting about reloading
    the chunks for the setting to take effect.
  • Added new tab icons in the Render Controls window. This fixes the issue
    with huge tabs when a high-resolution texture pack was used.
  • Improved huge mushroom rendering: mushroom blocks with some data values
    were rendered incorrectly
  • Fixed a rendering issue for corner stairs causing various configurations
    to render incorrectly
  • Fixed an error causing incorrect lighting of underwater blocks
  • Fixed button rendering (render new button orientations correctly)
  • The render reset confirmation feature now works as it should when the
    target SPP has been reached

Pull Requests

We got an interesting pull request on GitHub for improved trigonometric function performance. I have not had time to benchmark it yet and see how it affects rendering speed and correctness, but I hope to do that before next release and maybe it will improve render speed slightly.

Next Release

I will try to release version 1.3.5 with the above mentioned painting entity rendering and camera view indicator and a bunch of bug fixes that have accumulated over the past several months. Hopefully the release happens soon, before I go to Google, but it is difficult right now since I am very busy with my regular work.

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