Voxxed Days Zürich 2017 2017-04-30

In February I visited Zürich to give a talk at a software developer conference called Voxxed Days Zürich. The event was very fun, and I’m thankful to the organizers who invited me to give a talk.

My talk was about a Java compiler, ExtendJ, which I have been working with extensively during my PhD studies. My PhD subject is declarative compiler construction with Attribute Grammars, and ExtendJ has been very useful as a platform for my research projects. I have used ExtendJ both as a testbed for programming language experiments and as a benchmark for Reference Attribute Grammars.

The goal of my talk at the Voxxed Days event was to show some of the cool features in ExtendJ. I also wanted to briefly show some of the aspects of the design of ExtendJ that are interesting or unusual compared to most other compilers.

The slides from my talk are available here. The presentation was recorded and can be watched via YouTube:

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